The Sahara has called to me like no other place. Twelve years ago,on my first ten-day trek in the Sahara, I had a profound, life altering experience.  I have made Tunisia my home for over ten years since that time, living in a small Bedouin village with my chickens, ducks and other critters. And of course, my camel, Mabrouk!

Before moving to Tunisia, I spent most of my life in the city of Vancouver, Canada, where I was a Social Worker and Belly Dancer/Instructor. Leaving Canada was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life; sold my house, left my family, friends, job.

But the call of the soul is deep and cannot be ignored...

I started Sahha Sahara for three reasons; first of course, my love of the endless and vast Sahara and the unique landscape and culture of south Tunisia. Secondly it is to provide some much needed work for my Bedouin and Berber friends who so graciously share their hearts with our guests. And finally, it brings me joy to share with others what I have discovered here.

Thanks to those who contributed photographs, including; Volker Bodegom, Yung Wong, Mina Molavi, Suli Ackhurst, Rustyn Palamar, Jesse Peel, Graham Emerson, Marlies Zoll, Andrej Sajac, Andres Lizana Prado, Karoline Kristen, R Pheng, James Kessler, Curtis Jeran
The most profound moments of life often happen in those quiet unexpected moments when something magic comes through, a light shines in your soul.

.....Creating dream vacations, one guest at a time....
Join Sahha Sahara for a camel trek into the Sahara Desert which is like no other place on earth.  Or tour with us to untouristed Berber villages and other special places in this beautiful country. We are based out of Douz, Tunisia.

As you travel in the vast solitude and silence of the Sahara echoing the imprint of lives before who wandered these ever shifting sands, you will discover the mysterious power the desert has always had on the soul... And at night by the fire, you will feel the peace of the desert, under a million stars, heavy with vibration and magic. 
Regarding treks into the Sahara, we offer a wide range of services, and can suggest itineraries to meet the requirements of guests based on the number of days available, difficulty of treks and number of group members (from solo travelers to large groups). The prices include meals, guides, vehicles where needed, camels, tents entertainment... and much more.
Regarding (driving) tours, we pride ourselves in sharing cultural experiences, untouristed places and 'must sees' of Tunisia. We can customize a combined tour and trek for you as well.
If you are just looking for the cheapest tour or trek, we are not for you. We focus on high quality services and food, and pay respectable wages to the people of this country. As well, we do not do last minute tours or treks - all our treks and tours require days of planning, so we need at least a week notice.

We are a small Fair Trade organization (based out of Douz, Tunisia) who work hard at maintaining sustainable tourism in Tunisia in many ways, including supporting and cooperating with local people, paying fair wages and respect the environment, leaving no garbage in the desert and as few footprints as possible. When you book with us, you are supporting local people.
The word ‘Sahha’ in our name is an Arabic word that means, “I hope you enjoyed it”. That is our wish.

"What most people don't know is that for a multiday trek, camels are sent a day or more in advance so you get more bang for your buck instead of riding through semi-arid shrubs, therefore a better experience for customers..."

Where do our guests come from?
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