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"What most people don't know is that for a multiday trek, camels are sent a day or more in advance so you get more bang for your buck instead of riding through semi-arid shrubs, therefore a better experience for customers..."


Sahha Sahara realizes that for various reasons some people are not able to participate in a real camel trek (3 days or more), but still want to experience the feeling of the Sahara and have a taste of what a trek would be like. As well, we do not offer camel treks through the summer months due to the heat, and the Night in the Sahara is the only package available during that time.

This is the "amuse bouch" of camel treks!


Leaving from Douz in the afternoon and travelling around two hours by camel , your Cameleers will lead you to an area with beautiful sand dunes. As you approach this area, you will see your Bedouin tents that have been set up ahead of time. The rest of the Cameleers will be waiting for you, and have been beginning to prepare your dinner for you.  This beautiful camp has been set up just for you, and will be taken down the next day.



'Your' Bedouin tent has been set up for just for you to sleep in. And once you go inside, your 1001 night tent awaits, complete with bedding, sheets, candles and carpets. 

While the Cameleers are preparing your dinner over the fire, you will have time to sit or wander around the dunes, enjoying the sunset, or spending time with the Cameleers!
...and dream under the stars...

Later, your traditional Bedouin dinner will be cooked for you by the fire as you relax and enjoy your night. Nestle by the fire, snuggled in your burnose (Bedouin cape) that we lend you for the night, under the beautiful Sahara sky. 


During the evening, your Cameleers will play traditional music for you and you can participate by singing, dancing or just enjoying!

Sleeping in your Bedouin tent, you will experience what it feels to be a nomad.

In the morning, the Cameleers will prepare a delicious breakfast for you, complete with Hobs (desert bread) baked in the fire of course!


Again, this is not a camel trek. However, it IS a very special Night in the Sahara...

Sahha!!! (Arabic for "we hope you enjoyed it")


There are no toilets or shower facilities as you will be trekking to your the camp which has been set up just for you. Going to the toilet means going behind a dune or bush and digging a hole in the sand. (Once you have confirmed your Night in the Sahara, we will send you a list with suggestions of things to bring – including wet wipes for cleaning and tissues).


- 4 or more participants: $180 US Dollars per person / Euros calculated upon request

- 3 participants: $220 US Dollars per person / Euros calculated upon request

- 2 participants:  $255 US Dollars per person / Euros calculated upon request

- 1 participant: $290 US Dollars / Euros calculated upon request

> Note: except for returning customers, an additional 15% is added to the price of treks with departure dates between Dec 20 - Jan 2 (our high season) 

  • A camel for each of you to ride
  • Experienced Bedouin Cameleers
  • English speaking cultural guide
  • Hand spun, hand woven wool Bedouin tent
  • Bedding (mattress, blankets, sheets, pillows)
  • Delicious meals (dinner and breakfast)
  • Bottled water
  • Bedouin music (live)
  • A burnose (Bedouin cape) for each of you to use for evenings around the fire
  • insurance (mandatory)
  • A cheich (desert scarf; our gift to you
  • Flights or transportation to Douz
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips (Cameleers, drivers...)
  • Trek insurance does not replace travel insurance
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