OCT 12 - 19, 2021

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"What most people don't know is that for a multiday trek, camels are sent a day or more in advance so you get more bang for your buck instead of riding through semi-arid shrubs, therefore a better experience for customers..."

7 night / 8 day trek
Available Oct through Mid-April
Fitness level - Medium / Difficult (Age: 15 or older)

Fall in love with the vast spaces, huge dome of blue sky, dunes over 200 meters, star-lit nights, and most importantly, sharing the nomad way of life with our amazing Bedouin cameleers, who have an intrinsic sense about the Sahara. Join us on this journey deep into the untouristed, raw and real Sahara Desert, where nomads travelled during the time of the silk route trade. 

To do this trek in eight days, you will need to travel several hours by 4X4 at the beginning and end of the trek. 

On this trek, you will travel through some magnificent areas deeper into the Sahara desert,through pristine high dunes of an area that was part of the camel caravan silk trade route, and some beautiful small mountains in the desert.

Glimpses from your trek...




Day one you will drive for 3 hours to Mount Timbaine to begin your trek. (The cameleers and camels will have had to leave 3 days ahead of you to arrive at the meeting place).

You will then climb Mount Timbaine, to be able to see the incredible Sahara landscape, and to see the direction where you will be trekking to.


After trekking for a few days, you will arrive at Hwidat Erriched (desert hot spring). It has become very touristed over the years, but is still an important stop for the camels to drink, as they will not drink again until the trek is over.

By the fourth day, your caravan will be trekking through part of the old 'silk trade 'caravan route. Some of these high dunes are over 200 meters above sea level. These type of dunes are called Ghorouds or Zimla – you are now in the spectacular Grande Erg. We will stop for the night at a beautiful Ghouroud where you can climb it to watch the sun set.

During the next part of the trek, you will be travelling through a stunning area that is seldom traveled by tourists.  The landscape is beautiful, pristine with vast flowing dunes surrounding you, yet the sand is soft as talc.
You will be sharing the nomad way of life, all your meals will be prepared by Bedouin cameleers, who are gifted at preparing feasts in the desert, as well as being highly skilled and trusted at navigating the Sahara, and musicians by night; playing Bedouin music around the camp fire. Choose to sleep in a tent, or under the stars!


On day seven, you will arrive at Laguitsa (a small mountain that means 'drowning in the dunes'). We will camp here for the night so you can enjoy climbing to the top to see where you have trekked from!


Sahha! (Arabic for 'we hope you enjoyed it'!


All our supplies are taken by camel on your trek (no vehicles) with the exception of the drive to meet up with your cameleers and camels. The cameleers and camels leave 3 days ahead of your trek to the meeting place.  This enables us to take you deeper into the Sahara (avoiding more scrubby areas). For each hour we drive you, the cameleers and camels need one day of travel.

You will be trekking between 4 – 6 hours a day. You can choose to walk or ride ‘your’ camel (or both, as most people do).

There are no toilets or shower facilities as you will be trekking to a different place every night, and camp in a place where there are no other people. Going to the toilet means going behind a dune or bush and digging a hole in the sand. (Once you have confirmed your trek, we will send you a list with suggestions of things to bring on your trek – including wet wipes for cleaning and tissues).

We provide lots of bottled drinking water for you, but water is a valuable resource in the desert and is used for drinking only)


6 - 10 people: $980 US Dollars per person/ Euro calculated upon request 

4 - 5  people: $1065 US Dollars per person / Euros calculated upon request

3 people:        $1290 US Dollars per person / Euros calculated upon request

2 people:        $1545 US Dollars per person / Euros calculated upon request

1 person:         $1785 US Dollars / Euros calculated upon request

Note: except for returning customers, an additional 15% is added to the price of treks with departure dates between Dec 20 - Jan 2 (our high season) 

If you would like to sleep in a Bedouin Tent, the added cost: $320 US Dollars per tent (sleeps up to 4)
  • Delicious meals prepared for you with fresh local fruit and vegetables
  • Bottled water
  • Tent
  • Bedding (mattress, blankets, sheet)
  • A camel available for each of you to ride
  • Experienced Bedouin Cameleers (many are also great musicians)
  • English speaking cultural guide
  • Trek insurance and tourism registration (mandatory)
  • 4x4 transport when stated
  • A burnose (Bedouin cape) for each of you to use for evenings around the fire
  • Cheich (Bedouin headscarf), our gift to you
  • Flights or transportation to Douz
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips (Cameleers, drivers...)
  • Trek insurance does not replace travel insurance
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