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burçe & jeremie
15/02/2015 00:14:07
one of the best experiences we had in our lives! I feel blessed to be there with you all for my birthday :) it was fantastik!! (hello muhsin!) thank you juanita for making us so comfortable in every aspect in such a different experience than our daily lives. i am so impressed by your love for the desert, culture and camels. how is my zizu by the way? :) münir, muhsin, cemal and meki, thank you so much for the great guidance, delicious food, captivating music and smiling faces. i still have the taste of that delicious bread in my mouth. you are the best. love.
JJ/James S.
12/02/2015 23:20:29
As my brother said below, we could have not asked for a better experience! Juanita and her crew were absolutely fantastic, and I cannot wait to go back. We went for the 3-day trek, but I most certainly see the 8 or 15 day one in my near future as well. I've never experienced anything like this and absolutely fell in love with the desert. Thank you so much Juanita, and give our thanks to Mounir and everyone else - you guys were the absolute best! Hope to see you all again soon...
Mike S.
12/02/2015 21:35:50
My brother and I had an incredible time on a three-day, two-night trek with Juanita and crew. Juanita provides for an excellent host and guide. She is close friends with her Bedouin cameleers and knows the area intuitively, having lived there for a decade. She takes an earnest interest in the well-being of her guests and the authenticity of the tour style.
Keith Keith
12/01/2015 13:38:55
Having just got back from a 3 day trek, I am still absolutely overwhelmed by the whole experience. From the efforts of Juanita and the cameleers, the picturesque scenery, the food and my fellow trekkers... Top notch!!! Felt totally immersed in the Bedouin culture, the knowledge of Juanita and the cameleers was second too none, i would recommend it too anyone and everyone, and feel privileged to have been a part of it. Thank you. Special mention to Mohammed (my cameleer) and Lexiah (my camel😀), I hope you keep rocking the scarf.... 😀...
Sananda and Gaurav, Dubai
21/12/2014 08:50:17
Our night in the Sahara was not the first night in a desert but the experience blew us away. The camel trek, my short-lived attempt to walk a distance, riding into the sunset, meals and music by the fire, and waking up to the pink dunes in the morning were absolutely wonderful. But more than that it's the people who make the difference. We have traveled a lot, including India and the Middle East, and patience, warmth and care from complete strangers touched us in the Sahara as well. That's what makes it unforgettable. Also, never once did we feel unsafe or in danger during our week-long travel in south Tunisia. Can't wait to get back. After all, it is the storied Sahara.
Kelly, USA
05/12/2014 10:42:21
This was one of the highlights of my travels, in no small part due to the efforts of Juanita and the cameleers. The two week trek allowed us the travel deeper into the desert and experience its isolated beauty. It was certainly hard work, but that made the days even more rewarding and enjoyable. I was constantly impressed by the consideration shown by Juanita and the cameleers, as well as their knowledge of the desert. The trek was well organized and we were extrodinarily well taken care of with delicious meals, mid-day tent for shade, songs around the campfire and always an enjoyable conversation. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go on a trek with Sahha Sahara. Thank you so much!!!!
Joe and Jane, Baltimore, USA
13/11/2014 05:00:10
We have basically two things to say: 1) Trekking in the Sahara is a literally marvelous experience, literally amazing, literally awe inspiring; 2) Juanita and her Bedouin friends are the ones to do it with. She is extremely competent and knowledgeable,and evinces warmth and respect for her customers, her colleagues, her animals, and the world around her.
Harold Derksen, Canada
12/11/2014 20:37:06
This is not a destination trek.  It’s more of a journey that allows you to suspend time and space giving you the opportunity to re-evaluate yourself and your relationships.  As challenging as that might seem, the longer treks make that a most valuable experience.  A number of features of this trek stand out.  The Bedouin environment of endless terrain, camel transport, food preparation, navigation, and endurance of the Cameleers was unsurpassed.  The competence in planning and execution of the Trek by Juanita of Sahha Sahara was superb.  Our only task was to leave our cares behind and immerse one-self in the desert experience. If you have the time and inclination for a desert experience, Sahha Sahara will provide you with one you will not forget or regret.
Nancy & Anne-Josee, Quebec, Canada
26/05/2014 15:17:27
We did a small camel trek (one night in the desert), and the experience was so amazing! Our guide, Juanita, and her team (three wonderful Bedouins), make that night just perfect: 2-hour ride to the tent, typical meal at night, songs, dancing near a fire camp, looking up at a clear sky full of stars, and a good breakfast after a good night sleep just before coming back! Everyone was so nice and Juanita was particularly amazing with her constant caring. That "mini trek" was certainly one of the highlights of our entire trip in Tunisia!
26/05/2014 06:11:10
Juanita did a great job organizing the three-day trek I took into the Sahara, and made sure to book me with some others who were looking to go around the same time so that the cost would be lowered for all. She always replied promptly to my e-mails, and also offered advice on getting around Tunisia as well as tweaks to my proposed itineraries. The cameleers as well as guide Munir were all cool (read: bad-ass) yet delightful characters who provided the evenings' entertainment. I especially enjoyed visiting the abandoned marabouts and the stories about them.
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