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Jody & Brittany (US)
19/05/2014 16:46:35
We booked A Night In The Sahara with Juanita and she was so sooooo helpful from the very start. Juanita and the cameleers went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help us get to Douz and ensure that we had the most amazing, unforgettable 1-night stay in the desert. The trek was magical, relaxing, beautiful and unique. We even got to exchange our music with the Bedouins around a fire in the middle of the Sahara. What an experience! Our entire trip in Tunisia wouldn't have been nearly the same or as great without the kindness and helpfulness of Juanita and her we THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of our hearts. We highly recommend doing any of the treks with Sahha Sahara. We will never forget your kindness and we hope to cross paths again one day! xox
Simon U.S./Tunisia
14/05/2014 16:44:33
With only a 4 day weekend to explore the Sahara, Juanita helped us create an itinerary that fit our schedule and packed in as much adventure as possible. I have lived in Tunisia for nearly 3 years and Juanita offers something critical, and rarely found in Tunisia: organization. As a Canadian now having lived on the edge of the Sahara for over 8 years, Juanita has both the English fluency and Saharan experience to help any tourist or seasoned traveler enjoy their trip. Although the weather did not cooperate for our entire time our desert trek was quite the memorable adventure. Between the genuinely friendly cameleers, the relaxing pace of the camels, and the vast openness of the desert the trip is definitely a highlight of my time in Tunisia. I highly recommend Sahhasahara both for those living in Tunisia looking for an introduction to the South and to those coming from abroad searching for what this beautiful country has to offer.
16/04/2014 10:46:57
The 8-Day New Years Trek continues to hold a very special place in my life and it is as present today as it was while I was skipping barefoot across the dunes, being inspired by Juanita's fascinating life story around the camp fire, getting proposed to under a shower of shooting stars and soaking in the magic of the Bedouins. If it's an experience to nourish the soul and the adventurer in you that you are after, you've been brought to the right place! And Juanita, Andres and I can't wait to join you all again with our made-in-the-desert baby 'Lily Sahara' soon soon soon - I can already see her happily perched in a basket on 'my' friendly giant, Jamil! xxxx
Grace & Jacques
13/03/2014 15:09:47
Wow! Sahha Sahara! My husband and I had a wonderful time. The Sahara was incredible. It was our first time on a camel trek and our first time in the desert, and to say we were amazed would certainly be an understatement. Our guides and cameleer were so very accommodating to our needs and so forthcoming in sharing their culture. Juantia was awesome. She came along with us on our trek and pointed out so many different sites and aspects of the desert that we would have normally missed. Her knowledge of the environment and the Bedouin people really added dimension to our adventure. Thank you to everyone involved who made our trek a truly wonderful experience. Grace and Jacques Canada
Nilofar, UK
03/02/2014 00:56:23
My husband and I just spent 3 days in the South of Tunisia with Sahha Sahara, and we had an unforgettable experience. Firstly the itinerary was tailored to our requirements in advance, and every little detail was so well planned. Juanita, our tour guide was with us from start to finish and she provided a passionate and authentic experience, along with an in-depth understanding of the history of the places we visited. Juanita is exceptionally friendly, warm and open, making it both personal and enjoyable with great flexibility. We saw sights and met people so rich in culture, beauty and character that we will cherish in our memories forever. We will definitely return for a longer trek in the desert next time. As for safety -  contrary to common misconception and suggestions by the media, it is clear (from our experience and speaking to many locals and fellow tourists) that there is no danger or threat in the South - in fact we felt a deep sense of warmth and genuine hospitality the entire trip. I would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity, to take the chance and experience the beautiful, awe-inspiring South with Sahha Sahara.
James Kessler (US-Tunisia)
19/01/2014 16:06:00
Although I have had opportunities to make short trips into deserts in other countries, I have always wanted to make an extended journey into the desert of deserts, the grand Sahara. When I started looking at possible options, I was lucky enough to stumble on Sahha Sahara; from the very start Juanita proved extremely helpful in organizing an 8 day/7night trek, both sharing her passion for the desert and offering a high degree of professionalism in preparing us for the adventure. The experience, in the end, turned out to be beyond my expectations, a trip I will not soon forget. Not only were the logistics well taken of - I was impressed how well we ate over the course of 8 days, for one! - but the experience of being with the cameleers, who know the desert so well and were clearly proud to show us their world, was priceless. I sincerely hope I will get another chance to venture into the Sahara with Juanita and her bedouin friends. Highly, highly recommended!
16/01/2014 16:38:59
Thank you for a great 3 day trek. I really enjoyed riding a camel and eating delicious food in the beautiful desert. Juanita, you are a great organizer! I will come back for a longer trek.
Gabriel (Germany -Venezuela)
15/01/2014 11:53:10
These amazing 8 days Camel trekking tour did not dissapoint me at the minimum. What a wonderful way to celebrate new years and get in touch with the silence and vastness of the desert.  I convince three friends to come along and Juanita eager to help. I enjoyed the liberty we were given to do as we please, and the cordiality of our bedouin friends who let us experience graceful nights and days in the desert, with delicious vegetarian food (in my case) and wonderfully music. The feeling among the group was really nice and I highly recommend to book a trip with Sahha Sahara, one of the few experiences in Tunisia in which responsible tourism plays an important role.
Corbet Wong
15/01/2014 08:26:00
My wife and I, along with some friends, trekked for 8 days and 7 nights into the Sahara.  We booked the tour months in advance, and from the moment of our first inquiry, Juanita was extremely helpful with responding promptly and offering suggestions to help with our planning.  She has worked hard to create a bond with the local community of Bedouins, and this was evident as soon as we were in the Sahara and met our cameleers.  They were a great group of Bedouins, and we were welcomed into their world with open arms.  We witnessed how they are truly connected to the desert and to one another.  They prepared fantastic meals and provided live music and dance around the campfire.  Our week-long trek was great, as it took us a day or two to get used to our new surroundings and desert life.  Then we had several days to lose ourselves in the Sahara before returning to our 'reality.'  I will definitely recommend Sahha Sahara to anyone who is interested in doing a trek into the Sahara.
Angela Wong
10/01/2014 17:36:47
My husband and I just returned from an 8 day trek in the Sahara with Sahha Sahara. We are already hoping to do it again in a year. The trek was well-organized, the Bedouin cooking was incredible, and Juanita, the facilitator, was really wonderful about helping us with pre- and post-trek details (transportation, accommodations, directions, etc.). The overall feeling of the experience was very personal and intimate. Sahha Sahara does not have a corporate feel. It's real people, real Bedouins, helping people to have a real experience in the beautiful Sahara. Though the desert was incredible, the opportunity to share company with real Bedouins was the highlight for me. These gentlemen are some of the finest people I've ever met, and the experience would not have been the same without them. Their cooking, music, dancing, and positive, peaceful presence in the group made this one of my favorite experiences ever. Thanks to Juanita and all the guys! We hope to see you next year!
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