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Hannah Wheatley
26/10/2013 14:55:57
I would wholeheartedly recommend taking a camel trek and/or driving tour with Sahha Sahara. I booked a 3-day 'Caravan Oasis' camel trek and a 1-day driving tour of the Matmata/Tatouine area. I was travelling alone to Tunisia, so I was a bit nervous, but Juanita looked after me from the start, even meeting me on my arrival into Douz, making sure I had something to eat and taking me to my hotel. The camel trek was an incredible experience - travelling over dunes by camel, eating by the campfire at night and camping under the bright stars. The two guides for trip, Mounir and Mekki, were expert and very helpful, cooked us delicious food and even sang songs in the evening, which was really nice. I felt completely safe thoughout. Juanita came with us on this trek and was great company. The driving tour was also excellent. Juanita and Mounir accompanied me and they both did their utmost to ensure that I enjoyed the day, customising the trip according to my preferences and providing good advice on interesting places to visit. As a result, I saw many beautiful and fascinated places and really made the most of the short time I had in Southern Tunisia. My time with Sahha Sahara was undoubtedly the highlight of my trip to Tunisia.
Katjusa Zajec, Slovenia (10 years old)
10/07/2013 21:46:29
Dear Juanita, I have such a great time. My camel was Lahmr. I was riding all the time. The food was very good! I hope we see again. Miss you.
Marlies Zoll Blue Mountains Australia
25/05/2013 13:32:40
The Sahara desert is a fascinating place, rich in scenery and magical at sunset and night. I wanted to spend some time there and, thanks to Juanita consulting with me may times prior to my trip, her thoughtfulness, careful planning and dedication and her delightful company, I had a special experience of 15 marvelous days of trekking deep into the desert. More about the trek and some reflections below. Fearful warnings and catastrophising from friends and family about the risk of travelling in Tunisia proved to be utterly off the mark. I would like to mention that I felt truly safe and cared for since touch down in Tunis. Juanita helped me organise transport to Douz and kept phone contact all the time until I arrived. Also, the guides on the trip were desert experts, had GPS like navigation skills, a 7th sense to spot arrow heads, desert fish in the sand or gazelles, and protectively cared for my wellbeing. I am so glad I challenged myself and went on this adventure. And a big thank you to Juanita – you are truly one of a kind – and to Ali, Mekki and Mohsen for accompanying me and making it possible. mmmmmm
Andrej Zajec, Slovenia
20/05/2013 00:51:18
Most beautiful adventure in last several years! The Sahara camel trek was beyond our expectation when our little family went on three days trek from Saafrane. Dunes, sun, bushes, peace… one half of whole experience and the other were guides, food, fire, nights. Even now I don’t understand how Mohammed succeeded to cook all meals without a single piece of send! Jamel did really spoil us with his wonderful bread and Mosbah with magic findings beneath the sand. We chatted with Mounir all the time and got plenty of insight into desert life. Thanks, Juanita and guys, for a wonderful experience! We are planning to come back for another trek. With you, of course 
Tom Gagnon, USA
15/05/2013 09:08:46
Thanks again for an incredible adventure. It was amazing on so many levels. I strongly recommend Juanita and Sahha Sahara to anyone who is considering trekking the Sahara desert in Tunisia. Where do I begin? Juanita is an incredibly kind person who caters to your EVERY need and makes sure that you are enjoying yourself at all times. If you have any doubts about your safety the Bedouin guides, Mekki and Mohsen will not only make you feel safe but also do everything from cook a delicious dinner to spot arrowheads and ostrich shells out of nowhere. Ignore the warnings from "out of touch" Western governments, the desert is incredible and you will regret it if you don't experience it with Juanita and her Bedouin friends! Tom Gagnon
Alison, USA
13/05/2013 12:05:37
I went on a three day-two night trek arranged by Sahha Sahara with a friend recently, and I enjoyed it immensely! Juanita, the owner, made planning as simple and comfortable as possible from the beginning, explaining trek options, sending us packing tips, providing recommendations for transportation and pre-and post-trek lodging, requesting our food preferences, and even meeting us upon arrival in Douz. Juanita also escorted us on the trek and was a delight to travel with – beyond being extremely helpful, she is a vibrant and friendly person whose love for the desert clearly shows! I also couldn’t have felt more comfortable than I did with our guides, who were extremely knowledgeable, well-prepared, and considerate. Of course, the desert itself was stunning, with incredible variances and views - an amazing experience in general. In all I was very impressed with Sahha Sahara and would highly recommend them!
Hilal Ahmed Choudhury
18/05/2012 13:56:04
Dairn Vancouver BC Canada.
03/01/2012 14:55:27
“Trekking through the Sahara is an experience one will never forget. Waking to the awesome silence of such a vast, unforgiving, yet beautiful landscape, is second only to a great day exploring and watching the sun slowly slip below the rolling dunes at dusk. Add to the experience great company, amazing food and the occasional wandering nomad at your campfire, and you have memories for a lifetime”. Dairn Vancouver BC Canada.
Suli Ackhurst, Vancouver, Canada
03/01/2012 14:54:14
Our trek into the Sahara with Sahha Sahara was absolutely amazing! It is difficult to put into words the experience of being immersed in the vastness of the desert. I can only liken it to being out in an ocean of sand. I loved interacting with the camels. They are beautiful, peaceful creatures - not at all what I expected. Our camel guides were genuine and caring and I felt entirely safe and secure the whole time. I would highly recommend this trek to anyone that is looking for a new adventure that is both spiritual and eye-opening. Suli Ackhurst, Vancouver, Canada
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