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4 night / 5 day tour
Available Mid-September through May
No age restrictions

 We understand that for various reasons, not everyone can do a camel trek. We have created this itinerary for those who want the desert experience, going by 4X4. This tour is easily feasible for older people or families with young children.



We pick you up in Djerba, either at your hotel or the airport. We leave the island of Djerba by ferry and drive to Matmata, the area of many Berber troglodyte homes. After lunch in a restaurant, we will stop for a cup of tea and visit with a Berber family who lives in a troglodtye home. After leaving Matmata, we will stop for a walk around the Berber village of Tamezret; where time moves slowly.

On to Douz, often called the Gateway to the Sahara. You will begin your journey into the Sahara to a beautiful area nestled in the dunes. You will meet your camels and Cameleers here, who have set up your camp ahead of time just for you. Go for a short camel ride if you like, and after enjoy watching the sunset over the dunes. Relax around the fire as the cameleers prepare your delicious dinner and then, under a blanket of stars, listen to the traditional music of the Bedouins.


After breakfast and saying good-bye to the Cameleers, we will continue driving further into the Sahara. We will stop for a visit at a gazelle sanctuary (International Park of Djebil). This sanctuary is a well established resource for reintroducing desert antelopes into the wild and by rebuilding the gazelle population.

After lunch, we will continue south to Mount Timbaine for the opportunity to climb it and see the incredible viewpoint from the top (surrounded by 360 degrees of sand). You will camp near by, with a view of the mountain.


We will leave Timbaine area, continuing south through some of the biggest dunes of your tour. Today is the day of traveling through the Grande Erg, stopping from time to time to experience the Sahara.

In the afternoon, we will arrive at the area of Gour Klab (Dog Mountain) for dinner and night.


After leaving Gour Klab, we will continue on to an ancient desert well, Bir El Mide; where nomads have stopped for generations. Surrounded by miles of ocean bed, this ancient water source; once part of a sea, comes from deep inside the earth. The area still echos of this age.

From here, we will continue to the Ksar Ghilane area, the largest desert oasis in Tunisia. Before arriving at the oasis, we will stop at a Roman fort in the desert; where time and sand fights to take back this fort.

We will have lunch in a restaurant in the oasis of Ksar Ghilane, after which you will have the chance to explore the oasis and maybe take a dip in the natural hot spring.

In the afternoon, we will drive to a desert camp, surrounded by some beautiful dunes. This camp is complete with spotless toilet facilities (including showers), a restaurant, bar and large tents with beds for sleeping. We will have dinner and spend the night here.


After leaving the desert camp feeling refreshed, we begin our drive back towards the island of Djerba. 

Enroute, we will stop to explore the Berber hilltop village of Chenini, where the cave-like homes are dug into the mountainside. This village has been inhabited since the 1300's and still is. If there is time, we will stop at the Mosque of the Seven Sleepers.

From here, we will drive to the town of Tatouine for lunch and a short walk around the souk.

Then we carry on to Djerba via the Roman way to either the airport (if you are leaving) or your hotel (if you are staying). We leave you with great memories...

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