"What most people don't know is that for a multiday trek, camels are sent a day or more in advance so you get more bang for your buck instead of riding through semi-arid shrubs, therefore a better experience for customers..." (Molly)


"The desert is not a place, but rather a dimension without time and space under a forever-burning sun, born of thousands of years of work by natural forces and expanding on and on, in an immense expanse of dunes of sand and bleak land.”

Giovanna Magi, Patrizia Fabbri.


.... Creating dream vacations, one trek at a time.... 

As the fine sand of the Sahara seeps into the body, the rhythm of the Sahara seeps into the soul; uplifting the spirit by allowing for thoughts and meditation in a natural and timeless way. In the desert, days are meaningful and lived without hurry, allowing you to live and be present in each moment.

These camel treks are not for everyone. A great trek needs time and should not be rushed. These are not quick package tours rather journeys for those who desire to experience the real Sahara and the Bedouin nomad way of life.

You can choose to ride 'your' camel, or walk - or a bit of both.  However, as we often travel deep in the Sahara, we do not do walking treks without camels. This is for your own safety - if you hurt yourself or are just tired (walking on the soft Sahara sand is much harder than most people think).

Choose one of our posted itineraries or we can create a custom trek for you based on how many days you want to spend in the desert.

Our treks are not private, but are open for others to join. We do this in order to provide more work for cameleers and other local people and to keep the cost down for participants. That is why, when we have a confirmed trek, we advertise the trek to try to get others to join.  We dont do mass tourism (maximum of 12 participants) because we really want people to experience the caravan way of life. If you want a private trek, the costs posted do not apply and we will have to calculate for private treks.

"Allah created water for us to cleanse the body and the desert to cleanse the soul"

                        Desert saying


1 Night

Sleep in a traditional Bedouin tent under the stars of the desert sky. We will provide a romantic atmosphere, a Bedouin party - or anything in between!

Cost: From $180 USPER PERSON


Explore small oasis and historical desert Bedouin villages. 

3 Days / 2 Nights:  From $320 USD PER PERSON


Experience the Bedouin way of life for 5 days, exploring an abandoned Bedouin village, find desert roses and trek through beautiful dunes. 

5 Days/ 4 Nights. Cost from $510 USPER PERSON


Trek into some pristine areas through some high dunes and part of the old caravan trade route.

8 Days/ 7 Nights: From  $980 USD PER PERSON


This magnificent 15-day trek came out of an expedition I took with a nomad who had spent most of his life in this area. Fall in love with the vast spaces, huge dome of blue sky, dunes over 200 meters, unbelievable star-lit nights, and most importantly, sharing the nomad way of life with our amazing Bedouin cameleers, who have an intrinsic sense about the Sahara. Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime journey deep into the untouristed, raw and real Sahara Desert, where nomads have travelled during the time of the silk route trade.

15 Days/ 14 Nights: From $1700 USPER PERSON
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