Making our Bedouin Tent
The first step towards a Bedouin Tent
The sheep wool is hand cut in spring, using scissors
... as is the goat wool... with love and caring.
... Voila!
The wool is then spun by hand by local Bedouin women
... and then hand woven into long strips
Then the strips are sewn together
... and the length of these strips is only for a medium tent!
The daughters naturally learning beside their mothers
... so you can enjoy a Bedouin experience and help maintain this rich culture. Thank you!

Sahha Sahara takes pride in being a Fair Trade small business. Many agencies live and work out of other countries,  generating income which is then spent in those countries. Our  goal is to create work opportunities for the local Bedouin community, where we all live in and are contributing members ofThe team and I have had a long-term respectful relationship based on trust, working together; with each member contributing to the success of the trek. 

The Bedouin cameleers are crucial to an authentic trek. Many agencies also exploit cameleers. As well, many agencies own the camels and thus pay the cameleers pittance to work during the trek. Instead, each of the cameleers at Sahha Sahara own their own camels and are paid a respectable wage. This helps to provide an income to support their families, the community, and  respects and values their nomad culture and the traditional Bedouin way of life – of which the cameleers share so freely of during each trek. 

The local Bedouin women are given work by hand crafting Bedouin tents, camel bags, carrying bags and camel blankets. As well, whenever a hamam or tattoo treatment is included, the work is done by local women. In this way, Sahha Sahara recognizes, respects and protects the cultural identity and traditional skills of the whole community. Another primary goal is to share this traditional nomad desert way of life as well as to educate tourists through treks; sharing the Bedouin history as well as information about desert plants, animals and artifacts in the Sahara.

Sahha Sahara also respects the right of all team members to form or join trade unions of their choice and to bargain. The Cameleer’s Association has recently been formed by local cameleers, and Sahha Sahara encourages team members to become part of this association, or any other.

Health, safety and comfort of not only tourists, but team members is crucial. We cook a variety of healthy and delicious meals, including fresh fruit and vegetables. There is no shortage of bottled water to drink. We ensure rest in shade for the hottest hours of the day during the warmer months, provide plenty of blankets for the cold desert nights, and gift each tourist with a cheich (Bedouin scarf) to protect from the wind and sun. Sahha Sahara hires only experienced cameleers to ensure the safety and well being of tourists. As well, we are one of the few organizations to carry scorpion and snake bite kits, in case of emergency.

Sahha Sahara is dedicated to constantly improving and educating about the importance of respecting the desert environment. We buy local produce and products where possible. As the desert has limited wood for burning, we make only small fires at night. We try to leave the camp as we found it - leaving only compostable garbage for foxes, rabbits and other wildlife and birds. The rest of the garbage we take back with us, recycling where we can.

Operating Sahha Sahara in this way contributes to ensuring the health of the Bedouin community, the continuation of their way of life and enables them to maintain pride in their rich culture.  In this way, I am able to give back to the community that has so generously accepted me as a member and has given me much more than I could ever give them.


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