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 MAR 16 - 22, 2020 (full)

OCT 26 - NOV 1, 2020


Got a week??

If you do, we can take you on a south Tunisia tour AND our 3-day Caravan Oasis Trek!



DAY 1: You will take the morning flight from Tunis to Djerba where we will pick you up.  Your tour will begin on the island of Djerba at the Jewish village of Erriadh, which has evolved into an open air art gallery. Spearheaded by a local artist who wanted to create a way to generate some money for the struggling village, hundreds of artists from around the world have contributed their art to the walls of this ever evolving unique village.


Ksars – or Ksour (pl) are honeycomb shaped Berber structures, generally fortified granaries and homes, mostly seen in North Africa and date back to the 15th century. Your first stop in the area will be Ksar Gatoufa, uninhabited for many years and slowly returning back to nature. Some of the homes (ghorfas) in this Ksar have Berber symbols from the 16th century imprinted on them.


Your next stop will be Ksar Ezahra, the only Ksar in the area that is still a thriving community.  The people of the village have fought hard to keep it authentic and not changed by tourism.


Next will be a stop for lunch and a walk in the Tataouine souk (market). 

Your last stop of the day will be in the Berber mountain village of Chenini which was built between two hilltop ridges - to help protect it from raiding parties. The oldest structures on the hillside date back to the 11th century; some of the buildings are still used to store grain for the villagers, as well as for homes for those who still live here. 


 After checking into your (cave) rooms you will be given a tour of Chenini by our local guide. 


 Part of the tour will include seeing a subterranean olive press, which is still how olive oil is produced here. 


You will have dinner and spend the night in this unique restored cave turned into a small hotel in this village (Kenza Gite Hotel).


DAY 2: After breakfast, your first stop will be the Mosque of the Seven Sleepers (based on a story from the Koran). This mosque was built around a cave where it is said the seven sleepers lie (pre-Roman). 


The next stop will be Guermessa, another Berber mountain village from the 12th century, and which has a stunning view, and where you can wander around the mountainside.


The last stop in this area will be the Star Wars set of Ksar Hadada. Built out of a Berber Ksar, the Berber architecture was used as the base to create the futuristic ‘planet of Tatooine’. 


You will then begin the drive towards the Berber area of Matmata.  You will be driving through some stunning desert landscapes along the way. Your next short stop will be the edge of the Berber village of Toujane; where ribbon-like roads slice into the mountainside dotted with villagers and their flocks.


You will stop in Matmata for lunch and to see an early Star Wars set created from a troglodyte home.   (Troglodyte homes are a form of Berber architecture designed to withstand the heat. The courtyard is dug straight underground and is the hub of the home with rooms carved out from the sides of the courtyard.)


Matmata is known for it’s troglodyte homes. You will stop for a visit and cup of tea in the troglodyte home of our lovely Berber friends Fatma and Mohamed.


 Your next stop will be for a visit to our dear Berber friends, Saliha and her family. They have literally dug their home out of the mountainside, by hand. We have known them for nearly 15 years. To know Saliha is to love Saliha...


From here you head to Douz, often called ‘The Gateway to the Sahara’. Mostly semi-nomadic, Bedouin people live in the villages surrounding Douz when they are not in the desert. (Other areas of south Tunisia are predominately Berber). You will have dinner and spend the night in Sahara Douz Hotel.


 DAYS 3 - 5: Caravan Oasis Camel Trek (click on the link below for more information)


DAY 5 (continued):  After arriving back in Douz after your trek, you will have time to wash up at your hotel (Sahara Douz), before our ‘after trek’ dinner at the unique El Bey restaurant.


DAY 6: You will be picked up at your hotel, and begin the drive towards the Tozeur area. Your first stop will be Chott El Jerid, the biggest salt pan in the Sahara (between 5 and 7 thousand square kilometres).


The next stop will be at the top of Sidi Bou Hlel, a stunning gorge that was used for Star wars (land of the sand people), Raiders of the Lost Ark and The English Patient.


After arriving in Tozeur, you will have lunch, and will have some time to wander around the medina of Tozeur, still inhabited since the 13th century. The unique brickwork of this small medina dates back to the medieval times. 


Next, you will drive to Mos Espa, a Star Wars set in the Nefta area. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, this set is worth seeing, surrounded by the flat desert landscape of this area of the Sahara.


Your final stop of the day will be at another Star Wars set, Luke Skywalker’s home (this set is in the middle of a chott, so only possible if there hasn't been recent rain).


You will have dinner and spend the night at the lovely Dar Hi in Nefta, near Tozeur. (You may want to bring along a swimsuit.)


DAY 7: After breakfast, you will drive to the Atlas Mountains. Enroute, you will make a short stop at a viewpoint to see the old Berber village of Tamerza, nestled in an oasis, surrounded by the Atlas Mountains.


You will then head to the Mides Gorge for a hike into the gorge with a local guide. This gorge was part of the Muslim pilgrimage route to Mecca, when it was still done by foot, often taking a year each way. As well, Star Wars & The English Patient were also filmed here.


From here, you will drive to ‘new’ Tamerza for lunch in a small family owned restaurant. Still in the Atlas Mountains, your final stop of the day will be for a walk through the mountain oasis of the Chebika Gorge, dotted with palm trees and small waterfalls.


From here, we will take you to the Tozeur airport so you can take your flight back to Tunis.


“Sahha” (Arabic for ‘we hope you enjoyed it!)


PRICES:   (7 Days, 6 Nights)


For 1 participant  - $2055 USD

For 2 participants - $1270 USD per person

For 3 participants - $ 1050 USD per person

For 4 participants - $950 USD per person

For 5 - 7 participants - $875 USD per person

For 8 - 9 participants - $820 USD per person



·         Licensed tour vehicle

·         Professional  tour driver

·         Pick up at Djerba airport

·         Drop off at Tozeur airport

·         English speaking host / guide

·         Local guides where stated

·         All meals from lunch on day 1 until lunch on day 7 (including El Bey Restaurant)

·         A non-alcoholic drink with meals

·         1 night accommodation at Chenini Gite Kenza Hotel (restored Berber Cave Hotel)

·         2 nights accommodation at Sahara Douz Hotel

·         1 night accommodation at Dar Hi, Nefta

·         (All accommodation is double or triple rooms for 2 participants or more)

·         All historical site and other site fees

Bottled drinking water





·         Any flights

·         Travel insurance

·         Tips (drivers....)

·         Personal expenses

·         Between meal drinks or snacks

·         Any alcoholic beverages



·         All meals prepared for you with fresh local fruit and vegetables

·         Bottled water for drinking

·         tent

·         Bedding (mattress, blankets, sheets)

·         A camel available for each you to ride

·         Experienced Bedouin Cameleers (many are also great musicians)

·         English speaking host

·         Trek insurance and tourism registration


·         4x4 transport when stated

·         Burnose (Bedouin cape) to use for evening

Cheich (Bedouin headscarf), our gift to you


  • Flights or transportation to Douz
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips (Cameleers...)
  • Trek insurance does not replace travel insurance
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